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Office & Retail buildings are the core of all commercial real estate lending.  The vast majority of all commercial loans that are done in the US are some type of office or retail building (including light industrial buildings).  Businesses run their companies from office buildings, the nation interacts with businesses through retail buildings.

San Diego Commercial & Business Financing is an experienced high value lender in the field of general commercial real estate lending. W e offer a broad selection of commercial real estate loans for these assets classes.  Through our resources, including CMBS, Traditional Banking outlets, insurance companies, and hedge funds we can guarantee the best loan options for our clients.

For our investor clients we can offer the absolute broadest range of lending options.  We can provide non-recourse loans for large transactions.  We can provide long term loans (10+ years) for high quality assets.  We can provide extremely low rate loans (6m LIBOR + 1.75%) for the highest quality commercial real estate properties. 

For clients looking to finance commercial real estate for their own business use, we can provide loans of up to 90% loan to value.  This allows small business owners to quit renting and become owners of their own buildings with only a 10% down payment.  Qualification for these programs is easy, and we can even help finance start ups!  Through SBA programs we also have the ability to finance furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E)! 

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