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Multi-Family & Apartment Lending

Multi-Family Loans and Apartment Loans are the core business of San Diego Commercial & Business Financing.  The majority of the total loan volume for commercial loans underwritten by SDCBF are for our clients who own apartment properties.  As such, we have the ability to offer the widest products offers at the absolute lowest rates for these apartment loans.

Standard Commercial Real Estate Lending

Office, Retail and Light Industrial buildings are the core of all commercial real estate lending.  The vast majority of all commercial loans in the US are some type of office or retail building (including light industrial buildings).  We have access to the absolute best sources of capital to provide for our clients that own, or are looking to own these property types.

Specific Use Property Lending

Specific Use Property loans are considered the most challenging loans to fund in our industry.  Nobody closes specific use properties better than San Diego Commercial & Business Services.  With our numerous relationships with local lenders and nationwide niche lenders, we can fund any asset class so long as the property has solid underlying financials.

Bridge & Construction Lending

Our Bridge Loan and Construction Loan department provides capital to those investors who need financing on projects that are not currently in development or are suffering from some condition that makes it un-financiable by traditional methods.  Our bridge program allows for fast funding on value added projects, with a large premium on rates and fees.  Our construction department can help with developers or major rehab projects.

Small Business Lending

SDCBF services the needs of the small business owner by providing a line of SBA products.  We focus on the commercial real estate financing needs of our clients, but do have great referral networks setup for with many local business banks for a full service of other, non-sba based business loan products.