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San Diego Commercial & Business Services operates under the idea that all of our clients are important and by providing a good service combined with a fair fee, we will earn the lifelong allegiance of everyone we work with.  As such, we do not OVERCHARGE for our services, nor collect UNREASONABLE upfront fees. 

Our upfront fees are requested ONLY once a loan has been approved, and goes only towards paying legitimate expenses related directly to the loan (appraisal expenses, environmental reports, engineering reports, processing expenses).  In most cases the origination fee for our services is 1% (unless a loan is substantially smaller or larger than our normal loan size) and is only collected at the successful completion/funding of the loan transaction. 

We are not a discount lender and will not unreasonably lower our fees.  They are competitive with the marketplace and the terms, rates, and options we provide to our clients necessitate this cost.