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We have the ability to finance commercial real estate loan for Church and Religious Purpose specific real estate.  It takes specific industry knowledge to fund these transactions, and SDCBF has the know how and experience to close these transactions for you.

At San Diego Commercial & Business Financing we have an extremely broad portfolio of loan programs available to help finance your Church property. No matter what the need, if the transaction makes sense we can provide a source of financing for you.  Church Loans have traditionally been a challenge to fund for all but the most stable of religious purpose properties located in primary areas.  We have a solid track history of funding religious purpose related properties not only in premier locations but also in tertiary markets with regional and single location religious purpose buildings.

Be sure to see our TRANSACTIONS to review all he closed religious purpose loans we have recently funded.


Recourse and Non-Recourse Available
LTV up to 75%
Loan amount minimum: $500,000
Bridge Loans Available
Construction Terms Available
Lend in entity name
Cash Out Available

Prepay Terms Available:

Modified Yield Maintenance
Step Down Prepayment Penalty

Terms Available:

Fully Adjustable
3 Year Fixed
5 Year Fixed
7 Year Fixed
10 Year Fixed