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We present each transaction in an honest light to investors

Honesty and integrity are the basis which San Diego Commercial & Business Services builds its continued business upon.  We are easy to do business with and to refer business to, because our reputation is solid.

We owe our clients a duty to advise them to the best of our ability.  In many cases, we at San Diego Commercial & Business Services, are the most knowledgeable advisor our client has with regards to commercial real estate; the viability of a projects success, the actual rates of returns, and the fair market values of CRE.  If our clients are being presented poor investments, or are about to make poor decisions, it is our duty to express our expert advice.

In the same light, because San Diego Commercial & Business Services is a commercial loan broker, we owe a fiduciary relationship both to our clients and to our lending partners.  The borrower AND the lenders we work with are our clients.  Put simply, we do not lie to lenders for the sake of getting a loan funded.  Our relationships with our investors are long term and we operate in a surprisingly close knit lending community.  We value our reputation in the lending marketplace. 



  • “... when everyone lese told us it could not be done... Shawn and Gary worked hard to make sure every possible lender saw the deal and had a full understanding of the property and borrower...”

    Brian Baker
    Property Manager, SD County Medical Buildings, Inc.

  • “...Shawn's professionalism and attention to detail that always make him our top choice for all commercial financing needs.  There has yet to be a deal of our that Shawn could not do, and for that we are incredibly grateful."

    Preston Caffrey
    President of Ocean Equity Solutions, Inc.