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Multi-Family & Apartment Lending

Multi-Family Loans and Apartment Loans are the core business of San Diego Commercial & Business Financing.  The majority of the total loan volume for commercial loans underwritten by SDCBF are for our clients who own apartment properties.  As such, we have the ability to offer the widest products offers at the absolute lowest rates for these apartment loans.

We fund our apartment loans through a number of different resources.  We have the ability to funds these loans correspondingly with direct Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lenders, a great option for those clients who require a non-recourse financing option on mid to large sized transactions.  This lending source is a great fit for those who own substantially cash flow positive properties with limited deferred maintenance.  This is also a good low cost option for those middle market and larger sized loan transactions.

For those who require more flexibility in funding we have the capacity to work with the nation's leading CMBS lenders and insurance companies.  These investors often have terms that are similar or better than Fannie/Freddi.  They do typically have higher fixed costs due to the fact that each transaction is constructed specifically for that property and legal fees tend to be high.

Because of the volume of units that we fund on an annual basis, we are experts at apartment lending and multifamily loans.  Many local realtors rely on us for our expertise in analyzing these multifamily loans to make certain their clients will be receiving the returns on their investment that they expect.  We perform a full financial analysis of each apartment loan that we do.  In most cases (in all cases where geographically feasible) we do a site visit to inspect the property personally. 

Because of the volume of apartment loans and multifamily loans that we do, we have a very solid grasp of local market CAP rates.  We use the services of COSTAR, the leading resource of commercial and multifamily data. A s CAP rates are the largest variable in determining values we are a great first resource for investors looking to purchase apartment buildings and multifamily buildings.  If you are not working with a good commercial real estate agent, we can refer one to you.

Please take a look at our closed transactions to see the variety of multifamily properties that we have had the pleasure to fund for our clients.