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Commitment to excellence

San Diego Commercial & Business Financing's professional ethic requires that we owe a fiduciary responsibility to our clients, our referral partners and to our sources of capital.  As such, we operate according to the following principles:

Referral partners who work with SDCBF understand that we hold our highest responsibility to our clients. This responsibility includes making certain that our client understands the full ramifications of the financing that we are providing. In a purchase transaction, we take it upon our selves to make certain that the client has a fair understanding of the realistic financial productivity that the property they are acquiring will have. Sometimes this means advising the client to pass on certain projects.

The majority of the business that San Diego Commercial & Business Financing funds is funded via referral business. In many cases the referrals that we receive come from banks and lending institutions that we use to fund other business. As this is the case, it is of the utmost importance for SDCBF to act in an honest, professional, and HIGHLY competent manner on all of our business relationships.

Our investors and sources of capital are very highly prized relationships for SDCBF. We maintain strong ties to companies and employees as these companies for years on end. As such it is very important to us that we not risk these relationships by unfairly representing any transactions that we present to them. No single transaction is worth our relationship with our long standing investors.


  • “... when everyone lese told us it could not be done... Shawn and Gary worked hard to make sure every possible lender saw the deal and had a full understanding of the property and borrower...”

    Brian Baker
    Property Manager, SD County Medical Buildings, Inc.

  • “...Shawn's professionalism and attention to detail that always make him our top choice for all commercial financing needs.  There has yet to be a deal of our that Shawn could not do, and for that we are incredibly grateful."

    Preston Caffrey
    President of Ocean Equity Solutions, Inc.