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San Diego Commercial & Business Financing can help you with your bridge loan request.  Whether you require bridge financing for a construction project that was just completed or require a bridge loan for a value added purchase of a commercial real estate property, SDCBF is the best source of low cost bridge financing.  Typical terms for bridge financing are 18- 36 months, and are typically PRIME + type transactions.  If SDCBF funds your bridge loan we will discount our fees for any permanent financing for the same subject property.

SDCBF can help established developers with their short term development financing.  We also can help finance acquisition and renovation expenses for value added commercial real estate transactions.  Terms for construction financing typically are between 12 and 18 months.  Interest is due upon principle that is borrowed, typically interest only over the term of the loan.  Call us for specifics.

If you need funds quickly or have commercial real estate that is not financable by traditional means, SDCBF has solid relationships with many private equity and "Hard Money" investors.  These funds are not cheap, ranging between 2 - 4 points in fees and with rates between 4% - 10% above the prime rate, they are typically either last option loans or loans made to take advantage of time sensitive opportunities.  We do not fund these loans in house, but work with local private investors to broker the best deal for you in the shortest period of time possible.


  • “... when everyone lese told us it could not be done... Shawn and Gary worked hard to make sure every possible lender saw the deal and had a full understanding of the property and borrower...”

    Brian Baker
    Property Manager, SD County Medical Buildings, Inc.

  • “...Shawn's professionalism and attention to detail that always make him our top choice for all commercial financing needs.  There has yet to be a deal of our that Shawn could not do, and for that we are incredibly grateful."

    Preston Caffrey
    President of Ocean Equity Solutions, Inc.